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Understanding your adrenals and energy levels in your body

It’s 2024 and the world has come a long way health-wise and yet, we are so far away from where we actually could be.

No longer do we acknowledge our connection to everything in the natural world, plus we are only just surviving on quick boosts of energy from consumption of things that we hardly call nutrition.

Most likely you’re already addicted to things that are giving you a false power-up. Caffeine, sugar, salt, alcohol, crappy TV shows etc. Does this sound like you? And you're wondering why, when you try all these healthy fads, that you're still simply pushing through the lethargy to survive each day?

What if we at Surfcoast Health and Wellbeing Clinic could guarantee to boost your energy, in the healthiest and most connected way possible, AND in only 5 days?

Our highly educated and dedicated staff at SHWC will offer your adrenals a safe space to rest. A place to nourish and the environment to de-stress, therefore, raising cortisol to a naturally and sustainably energetic level.

Do any of the following symptoms resonant with you?

· Long periods of stress (I mean, who hasn’t over the last 3+ years?);

· Had major life-changing events;

· Your ability to handle stress-related issues has decreased dramatically;

· Reduced brain function (brain fog);

· Chronic fatigue (not the syndrome);

· Sometimes feel weak all over;

· Often having to force yourself to keep pushing through;

· Common colds and flu stick around for weeks;

· Poor sleep, insomnia;

· PMS symptoms have increased;

· Consistently craving salty or sweet foods;

· Have constant work stress;

· Unhappy relationships;

· You feel better after having a rest or spending time with good friends;

· Silence / meditation help.

If you do find yourself in a place where day-to-day life is meh, or your stress levels are off the charts, then please get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you rest, reset, nourish and restore your vitality. Practitioners available.

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