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Nikki Staley, Ph.D.

Director, Metaphysician, Dip. Holistic Counselling, Reiki Master

Member IICT

Nikki has her Doctorate Degree in Philosophy, specialising in Metaphysical Science, is an accredited Holistic Counsellor and Reiki master who was born in Melbourne, Australia.  She is a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).  She has also completed her Nationally Accredited Certificate II - First Aid Training and has a Working with Children card.  She loves sharing her knowledge through her classes and speaking appearances on holistic health and wellbeing.


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My Story

Nikki's first experience with meditation was at the age of 15 when her parents started practising Transcendental meditation.  She then forgot about her meditation experiences until a life changing moment urge her to revisit meditation which resulted in her father introducing her to the cultivation of Tao.  Nikki studied with a Tao Master and other Tao cultivators for a number of years learning metaphysical and spiritual techniques for enlightenment.  She also has an interest in Buddhism and has studied at the Tara Institute in Melbourne.  This had a profound effect on her and created an inner transformation which inspired her to study holistic counselling and Reiki.  She has been working with individuals and small groups as a counsellor and energy healer ever since.

Nikki has deep insights into the human psyche and her altruistic nature and healing gifts have already helped countless people.  Nikki's focus, mission and life purpose is to bring peace and happiness to all beings.

Nikki is married with two children and now resides in Torquay, Australia.  She enjoys meditating, yoga, writing and spending time with her family and pets.


152 Geelong Road, Torquay

0400 497 024

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