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Lynda Harding

Naturopath, Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Teacher
Member of National Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA)

Our naturopath, Lynda Harding is a former nurse and has 15 years of naturopathic clinical experience here in Torquay. She is passionate about helping others, and uses a number of therapies to support you; which includes clinical nutrition, diet and lifestyle support and herbal medicine. 


Her particular interests are children's health, digestive complaints, menopausal and thyroid issues. Lynda is also a meditation teacher, reiki practitioner and loves giving talks to local groups who are interested in health.

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My Story

I have always been drawn to occupations that help others.  I initially started out in nursing, but over time, grew disillusioned with the medical model and wondered if there was a better way.  Naturopathy looked appealing, because like you, I had a few health issues of my own, and conventional medicine had no answers for me.  Naturopathy gave me the solutions that I was searching for.  Finding healing after so many years was one of the most empowering things I have ever done for myself.  And now I want to share this knowledge with you.

You may be struggling with health issues and need answers.  You may have have had blood tests and been told there is nothing wrong.  Perhaps you have done some Google research or had friends recommend you some products.  If you are looking to finally get some answers to your unresolved issues, I am here to support you.

I also offer Reiki sessions to give you the support you need during stressful times.  Let your troubles melt away and be held and supported in a nurturing space.


You can find me at the clinic every Wednesday and Thursday.  If you're struggling with a health issue, I am here to support you!

0402 539 020

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