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Steve Tibbits

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

Member IICT

Clinical Hypnotherapy, Core Focused Psychotherapy, Relationship Counselling

Growth & Transformation Workshops


It's rare to find a therapist who can take you deep into the core of an issue to achieve truly profound and lasting results.  Steve is one of those rare people with just such a gift.


Clients regularly have profound experiences with Steve. This is because of the depth Steve takes his clients into, to finding answers.


Steve began his therapy work as a counsellor but soon realised counselling, and other forms of ‘talking’ therapy were limited in their ability to facilitate deep and lasting results. So he began the search for the most effective therapies available.  


Talking therapy, which provides tools can help manage a situation or issue but to truly overcome an issue, or addiction, or pattern, often requires more specialised work.


Steve has the specialised skills to take you deeper, into the subconscious where the core of the issue can be found.  Once a deeper understanding is found, the issue can often be transcended, released, and positive change can occur as a natural result of that understanding.


Steve is passionate about helping people get to the core of any issue affecting them. It’s this deeper work many people are seeking these days to finally be free of the affects of issues they’ve had often for a lifetime. 


Steve uses a unique combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Core Focused Psychotherapy to achieve profound results for his clients.


“Therapy with Steve is different, there’s an instant impact. It’s Amazing, it’s what we’ve all been seeking” – Ainsley F

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My Story

Steve’s pathway to becoming a therapist is unique.  Having faced and overcome many adversities in his life, he uses that inner solidity to help others overcome their own issues and challenges.  He possesses compassion and understanding which allows him to hold a space for his clients in a way many therapists are unable to.


Formal training was required of course, but Steve would say his ‘life’ has been his greatest teacher and best training for the role he now plays in others lives, the work he was born to do.


“Self empowerment and growth comes when you’re willing to look within to find the next block to becoming the next (better) version of yourself. I’m ready to help, when you’re ready to be helped” – Steve


Steve has become a sought after therapist for those people who are ready for serious self reflection and inner work, getting real and breaking through to new levels of personal wellness.  If you’re ready to go in deep, and thrive in this lifetime, Steve is ready to help you.


“Psychiatrists, Psychologists, I’d seen them all, and always with the same result; short term relief before returning to the same old patterns and underlying anxiety.  Then I met Steve, and everything changed”-  Brooke D


152 Geelong Road, Torquay
Every Monday from 1:30pm to 7:15pm

0414 586 910

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