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Siena Marroitt-Webb

Certified SDH Practitioner and Massage Therapist

Member ANTA

Siena is a Certified Self Directed Healing Practitioner, a qualified and experienced Massage Therapist, and a Lifeline Crisis Support Counsellor.  Siena is a member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association.  She also has completed her Nationally Accredited Certificate II - First Aid Training and has a Working with Children Card.

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My Story

Siena's purpose is to help others release their emotions, so that they can become more resilient and infinitely happier as a result.  She is also deeply passionate about the transformative effects of massage; both for pain relief and relief from the symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, self worth, loneliness, addictions, self acceptance, and unhappiness.  Siena creates a space where through the processing of your pain, you can start to release it and shift into a life with more clarity, connection, empowerment and joyful. 


Siena provides two services (blended if needed).

Massage - Assessment of clients pain, relief from symptoms and realignment of the body.  Always looking to create balance and a feeling of release.  The aim is to walk out feeling reset, both physically and emotionally.

Inner Healing - Using Self Directed Healing, Siena works with limited self beliefs or emotions, stored in the mind and body.  This therapy helps to process what we may have been suppressing, so we can release emotions, negative self beliefs and traumas so that we can live a life that is lighter, less triggered and more joyful.


152 Geelong Road,

Torquay  Vic  3228

5261 3196

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