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Kate Calder

Diploma Art Therapy

Member HHAI

Kate is a holistic therapist with a passion to help others on their healing journey. She has a Diploma in Art Therapy and is a member of the Holistic Health Associates International.

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My Story

Being creative has changed Kate's life!  She has fought some rough battles in the past, due to unfortunate circumstances, and through these traumas, feels total empathy and a real passion for helping others do the same.


After spending half of her life managing hair salons and feeling like a counsellor without a degree, she realised she wanted to dive deeper into people's problems, to feel like she could help on a more personal level.  So she set off on her own spiritual and healing journey.  She explored breath work and completed several meditation courses.

Kate has always found art to be a very healing and expressive outlet, and after hearing about art therapy, she started studying and feel in love with the teachings, completing her Diploma in Art Therapy.  She dove straight into helping women and children with trauma and has found a passion helping others in this area.  She is constantly adding to her tool belt to facilitate others to heal.

Kate finds every session different, depending on the individuals journey, working with all ages.  She uses a mixture of talk therapy, art therapy, sound healing, CBT, meditation and mindfulness, along with other forms of healing.

Kate moved from a small country town in Victoria to the coast, and found it was exactly where she was meant to be, surrounded by nature, the ocean and like-minded souls.

Kate believes therapy is a shared journey with the purpose of developing a clearer vision of yourself, becoming more emotionally balanced and finding a means of expression to lighten the burdens that you may be carrying.

Express your inner world with Kate to help integrate it into your outer world in her 1 on 1 sessions.  Kate also runs monthly workshops with wound healing and art expression.


You can find me at the clinic every Tuesday.   If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on me on 0413 926 160.

0413 926 160

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